When Not to Say I Love You*

  1. When you’re drunk
  2. In the middle of sex
  3. At dinner when you’re meeting their parents for the first time
  4. When you’re saying goodbye on the phone and hang up before they can respond
  5. When they’re breaking up with you
  6. After a fight about your ex
  7. When you don’t mean it

These may or may not be based on first-hand experience…

*for the first time


  1. Totally agree. Especially no# 2. Saying it then for the first time is ridiculous. If your are a guy – do not do this. You probably don’t mean it. Your penis is saying ‘i love you’ – not your heart.


      1. A few of my friends and I have had this strange trend happening… Each of us has gone out with several different guys over the last 6 months. Half of them expressing that they found the one and are “in love” on date 2. Scary huh?

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        1. should add – the ones expressing it are the men – which seems odd to me too. I would assume the chick to get overly emotional and clingy and lovey too fast -not the guy.


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